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We get you the right financing and do it the right way.

At Compliance Capital Resources we believe in winning with integrity.  We strive to turn every transaction into a lasting relation by putting your needs before our profits.  With an array of finance options available and hands on personal underwriting experience you're assured to be getting the program that best fits your needs and puts your company in a position to thrive.  With over 26 years of commercial lending experience, we have the resources to help your business grow, and without the red tape you may have experienced in the past. 

We would be considered generalist experts in: construction, medical, manufacturing, transportation, automotive, hospitality, aviation, technology, alternative for a start.  We also know every business and situation is unique, so we offer a wide variety of programs for all credit types.  Please take a look around and give us a call with any questions.  If you are in need of financing now.  **                               **                 

With every company's financial needs being unique multiple options are available, and below are some of the most popular.  To help get you in the right finance program give us a call to go over your unique situation and get you the financing that you need.  If you would rather get started now you can also APPLY HERE and we will give you call back shortly.

Commercial Finance Programs

Finance Programs

Application Only Equipment Finance / Leasing:

With our simple one page application we are able to secure up to $250,000 for single piece of equipment and up to $500,000 for multiple pieces.  Review of business credit, assets to be acquired, time in business, & personal credit, plus transparent communication with our customers and vendors help determine the best options available.  Approvals are typically granted within 24-48 hours depending on the DNA of the file.  This is quickest equipment finance/leasing program we offer and is a good fit for deals that need to be done promptly and are $150K and under.  We offer terms from 24 to 72 months with a variety of end of term purchase options depending on your situation.  Give us a call now to go over your needs or start by filling out the one-page application HERE.

Full Disclosure Equipment Finance / Leasing:

Also called a "Commercial Package" is required for transactions over $250,000 for a single piece of equipment or those looking to drive rates down with more financial disclosure.  Your finance expert will help you with the needed items, which usually include corporate and personal tax returns, as well as, a few other pieces of financial information.  Rates on commercial packages can be lower than prime and terms are usually from 24 - 84 months and up to $5,000,000 in funding. 

Long & Short Term Working Capital:

We offer working capital to companies looking for a quick injection of cash for other reasons besides capital expenditures.  These work best in emergency situations to bridge the gap in the company's cash flow, or when the opportunity arises to increase sales through marketing or other avenues that will give you a quick return on your investment.  Approvals are fast and so is the funding of the monies.  The approval amounts vary depending on the company's bank deposit and checking account history.  The programs are short term solutions and range from 3 - 24 months.  Term loans available up to 60 months on pledged collateral or real estate.

There are many more options not listed here that your finance expert can go over with you.  Please give us a call with any questions you may have or you can start by filling out our one page application HERE and then telling us about your situation and we will work on a solution that best fits your needs!

Contact Us
Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  We are eager to hear your plans, and goals for your business in order to assist in providing capital that best fits your specific needs.  The easiest way to get started is to complete our one-page app.  We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your request.  You can also reach us at the numbers and emails listed below:


Direct Phone:   702.469.6403

Fax:                     319.575.6070


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